Rain or shine, we are here!
We have a state-of-the-art weatherproof tent to keep everyone comfortable and dry.

Step-by-Step Process

1. Temperature Check

We use a the safest contactless thermometer to obtain your temperature.

2. Oxygen Level

We’ll make sure that your oxygen level is normal by using a clean finger probe.

3. Swab Test

The swab is quick and easy, inserted through your nasal openings for accurate results.

4. Evaluation

Finally the provider, a licensed Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner will evaluate you and send you home!

Our Testing Site

Our facility is fully staffed with a Providers and Medical Assistants, and we have plenty of PPE to ensure safe and secure testing in an outdoor setting.

This is quick, no wait process, taking an average of 5 minutes.

We can also test multiple people in one car, and most vehicles are in and out of line within 10 minutes.

Safety First

All medical assistants double glove to ensure highest level of safety for all patients.

No Guesswork

 Our compassionate PA / NP will ensure that all your questions are answered.

Test Results


Pre-registration expedites the process.


NO out of pocket costs! That means NO CO-PAY & NO DEDUCTIBLE with insurance.


We will test ALL patients - insured and uninsured.


There is no wait - get your test any time at your convenience.


Results back in 2-3 business days with 99% accuracy


You will receive an email or text for notification of results.


Covid Care GA is committed to providing safe and efficient Covid testing in Atlanta for all patients and supporting our community. The drive-through facility aims to process at least 200 cars a day. Testing is the best way to combat Covid-19 in our community.

Endorsed by and in partnership with the city of Brookhaven

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In partnership with LabCorp